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Thu, August 11 2016

One Horse Who Inspired an International Quest

Idaho - Stolen Mare Whose Theft and Recovery Inspired NetPosse

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Fri, July 3 2015

Just for Fun Friday: Thieves return mini-golf course's stolen horse

Stolen horses are not just the real horse! Watch this cute clip.

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Fri, July 3 2015

Just for Fun: Meet the Budweiser Clydesdale babies

They're known as gentle giants - a breed of horses plucked out of the pastures of Scotland are now world-famous for their beer roots in St. Louis. Get an exclusive look into the world of Budweiser Clydesdales.

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Wed, December 31 2014

Stolen Sundowner Trailer in Georgia RECOVERED 12/30/14

Stolen Sundowner Trailer RECOVERED Meagan Low Craigslist scam

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Tue, December 2 2014

South Carolina Horse Rescued after Ten Years of Searching!

Ten years after search begins, Calypso is found and rescued!

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Sun, August 31 2014

Sundowner Trailer RECOVERED! What a story it is!

Sundowner trailer stolen Indiana recovered

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Wed, March 12 2014

PYRO: Lost and Found - Now Lost Again

Where in the world is Pyro? Several sightings in Mobile County, but no solid leads.

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Sun, September 29 2013

Leroy - Recovered 9/27/13 - More Info ...

Leroy - Buckskin Gelding Missing in CO after Elk Hunt - Honey still missing!

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Thu, September 19 2013

Pair have cases thrown out by Abu Dhabi court over ‘stolen' racehorse

What can we all learn from this case?

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Thu, June 27 2013

Horse Recovered in Cow Pasture almost has horrible fate!

RECOVERED October 2004 - after a stranger saw the NetPosse flyer online

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