News: Just For Fun

Tue, April 4 2017

JUST FOR THE FUN OF IT: Can You Find the Missing Race Horse?

This puzzle may just puzzle you. Where is the racehorse?

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Wed, October 5 2016

Just for Fun - Can You Find the 5 Differences on the Right

Can you find the 5 differences in the picture on the right?

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Mon, February 29 2016

Just For Fun - R-E-S-P-E-C-T!

Don't miss Johanna channeling Aretha Franklin if you need your spirits lifted.

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Fri, February 19 2016

Just for Fun Friday: Woman on Mechanical Bull

Here's a chuckle for you just in time for Just For Fun Friday at Stolen Horse International.

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Fri, March 23 2012

Just for Fun: Naked horse show jumping in France

The show was supposed to be a costumed show, but rider D. Ribot did not have a costume ready.Recommended for viewers 18 and up.

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