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Sat, April 20 2019

Stolen Horse Rebuttal Case Study - Policies and Procedures

Stolen Horse International is no exception to guidelines, policies and procedures for our rebuttal report.

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Sat, December 29 2018

Never Give Up. Miracles Happen.

Finding a stolen or missing horse can take weeks, months or even years. Stolen Horse International reminds both victims and searchers to never give up on hope.

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Mon, March 12 2018

Sworn Statement in Affidavit Form for Missing Horse Disputes

Can an affidavit help your missing horse story?

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Wed, August 2 2017

I Am Just A Volunteer

We are a village-counting on each other

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Tue, October 25 2016

When Horse Theft Is Not A "Crime"

Just because somebody has taken your horse may not mean it was stolen-how can that be true?

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Tue, September 27 2016

Stolen horses safetly returned home to Henry County

“It just touched our hearts so much that people have gone through so much trouble to get these horses home safe,”

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Tue, September 27 2016

Website helps bring lost or stolen horses home is an online community and the home of an organization called Stolen Horse International.

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Thu, August 18 2016

Meet The Doctor Who Makes House Calls By Horse

"I'm a cowboy doctor, and I visit my patients on back of my lovely horse."

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Tue, August 2 2016

Rare Horse Saddles Stolen in Texas

A pair of horse saddles, totaling nearly $8,000 in value together, were stolen from a tack and equine shop in Wichita Falls in the early hours of Friday morning.

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Thu, July 14 2016

Internet sleuths help recover missing horse

April is one of 4 horses that was taken from Maryland

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