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R & M Auctions

Address: 1701 East Cottonwood Road, Dothan, AL
Contact: Mark & Rhonda Shehee/Owners

apparently under new management-call to make sure they will be there 
consignments must be done prior to 6 pm.


Sexton's Mule and Horse Co.

Address: 4940 Mulberry Gap Road, Sneedville, TN
Contact: Jason Sexton 14237338437, 423-300-8110

Sexton does work off a Facebook page and does take PayPal payments. He puts up video of horses he has and you must pick them up promptly. The reviews that are are positive. However-ALWAYS remember to take everything with a pound of salt. Never pay in full until you have that lead rope in your hand. He does haul to the slaughter plants. If you think you see your horse, move quickly.


SMB Horse Sales

Address: 2870 W 6500 S, Wellsville, UT
Contact: Marcus and Sarah 8015206647 or 4357207107

SMB Horse Sales, Inc., SMB Horse Sales, Inc. was established January 1, 2016 , offers consignment horse sales in Utah and surrounding areas.  Sales are streamed live on our Facebook page.  We hire veterinarians to check in horses at all sales, and phone bidders have the opportunity to arrange pre-purchase exams for any horses they plan to bid on.


Trail Horses of Caleb Wilson - Online Auction

Address: 220 GinnyBob Lane, Somerset, KY
Contact: Caleb Wilson, Jessica Wilson 6062716055

FAQs: *We will be doing our online auctions on our group page Trail Horses of Caleb Wilson on Monday nights starting at 6 pm EST. * Auctions will be open for 24 hours. *The winner will be the last highest bid commented before I comment that the auction is over. * The winning bidder will be responsible for pickup within 7-10 days after the auction is concluded. We do offer delivery or shipping, but you must contact me BEFORE you bid. *I will take partial trades on auctions if cleared BEFORE you bid. Call 606-271-6055 or PM me for more information. *I will require a $250 deposit through PayPal for any horse that brings $1,500 or less and $500 for any horse over $1,500 within ONE hour after auction ending! *Horses will be sold to the highest bidder, they will have a very low reserve, so bid with confidence. *The winning bidder will OWN the horse once the auction is over. You are not winning the bid to come and try out the horse. I take pride in taking accurate pictures and videos and having a very detailed description of the horse. I am very well known for my honesty and you can have confidence in what you are bidding on. With that being said, if you are not comfortable bidding or buying a horse this way, PLEASE do NOT make a bid! *We will hold our auctions every Monday night starting at 6 pm EST. We will be posting pictures and videos with a brief description of the up coming horses the week prior! Please feel free to contact us at any time to get more information on a horse so you feel confident with your bid!


Lewiston Livestock Auction

Contact: Clay Bickford 208-791-5090


Guy Bynum Livestock - Stanley Bros aka Attalla Sale

Address: 150 Etowah Street SE, Attalla, AL
Contact: Greg/Mitchell Stanley, owners, Katrina Garner/mgr 256-538-7774

Sales are broadcast live on Facebook page as well as Cattle USA.  Preregister t(Katrina (870)703-9996) o bid online on either site. Will accept Checks (TeleChek Reader), Cash, All Major Credit Cards and Bank Issued Debit Cards, Letters of Credit Offered from Financials Institutions and PayPal.

Quick on-site coggins test will be done and there will be a charge of $25 per horse or equine, test will be done and returned to owners same day.

Please feel free to contact someone at the barn with the numbers provided on the website or message this page, with questions relating to anything regarding consigning horses or info on the sale.

Greg Stanley (870)940-1532
Mitchell Stanley (870)940-0887


Crazy C Horses

Address: 8817 Aspen Trail, Big Sandy, TX
Contact: Wade Calhoun 903-841-8685

no information on Facebook or internet --may be out of business--ew

Bouvry Exports Calgary Ltd

Address: 222 58 Ave SW #312, Calgary, Alberta
Contact: +1 403-253-0717 Canada +33 (0)1 34 38 50 50 France

The website is in French.  This is the parent company of the slaughterhouses in both Calgary and Montreal. They are very nice people, but answer the phone in French and you will have to ask for an English speaking person.  ****Important****Do not call up to them to question about a horse on a shipment unless you KNOW for absolutely certain that the horse is ON THE TRUCK. If you do, the ENTIRE load will be rejected and sent back. That causes the hauler to lose thousands of dollars in revenue, he has to pay the customs at the border AGAIN, the plant loses $$$, and it generates all kinds of bad feelings all over the place. Plus-the horses may suffer MORE because of it-the driver cannot take them off the truck until he gets back to wherever he started from. So no food, no water, maybe sick, maybe injured, cold/hot, and really stressed--many will die anyway. Just be very careful.

Innisfail Auction Market

Address: 4504 42 Street, Innisfail, Alberta
Contact: Danny, Mark or Duane Daines - 403-358-4971 (Duane) 403-227-3166 or 800-710-3166

Seems to be more of a cattle sale but it may be a good contact to find more horse sales. We are not sure if they run horses through special sales. Something worth checking.

The Innisfail Auction Market Ltd. is a family owned and operated livestock market located in Central Alberta.

We are here to meet the needs of farmers and ranchers marketing their cattle. The cattle buyers who attend our sales are very experienced in marketing cattle throughout Canada and the United States therefore maintaining top competitive prices.

REGULAR Wednesday Sales - 9:00 am Butcher Cows & Bulls
Calves & Yearlings to follow - Bred Cows at Noon


Tri-State Livestock Market (Abingdon Stockyard Properties, LLC)

Address: 17455 Sky King Drive, Abingdon, VA
Contact: Robert Barrett 276-628-5111

Cattle auction only. May be able to give leads on traders in the area. 


LaRue Horse and Tack auction

Address: 1059 Richwood LaRue Road, Larue, OH
Contact: (419) 889-9150

Join us on the FIRST Saturday of every month.

 General Information
Auction on the 1st Saturday of Every Month
Hay & Straw 10:00 am

Horses11 :00 pm
Please note: Horses transported across state lines into OHIO require a current EIA test within 12 months and a certificate of veterinary inspection with temperature written on health certificate completed by a licensed and accredited veterinarian. This certificate is completed by a veterinarian at the origin of the shipment.


Virginia Livestock LLC - Front Royal

Address: 2796 Rivermont D, Front Royal, VA

Check to see if there are horses auctions held here before going. Website says there are no more horse auctions.


Hunt Livestock Exchange, LLC

Address: 2353 US Highway 259 South, Henderson , TX
Contact: Mark and Melissa Hunt 903-657-2690

Check times and dates of horses auctions.

Round Mountain Horse Auction

Address: N US 281, Round Mountain , TX
Contact: (830) 798-9700

This auction may or may not be operational. Call first.


Jackson Livestock Auctions Llc

Address: 205 N Koke St,, De Graff, OH
Contact: Chris Egbert (937) 585-5701

This may or may not be a current horse auction. Call first. For further information, feel free to contact Chris Egbert at 937-726-8852. Mostly for other livestock and equipment. Call ahead to see if horses are in the sale. 


Mt Hope Horse Auction

Address: Street Address: 8076 SR 241, Millersburg, OH 44654, Millersburg, OH
Contact: Steve, Thurman & Chester Mul 330-674-6188

This may or may not be current. Make sure you go to the website and call first.
Email: or   Office Manager:


Lumberton Horse and Tack Auction

Address: 1027 US Highway 74 E, Lumberton, NC
Contact: (828) 438-4065

This auction may or may not be current. Call first.
It is held at the Southeastern Agricultural Center in Lumberton, NC.


Simon Horse Company

Address: 29100 Harry Ave, Randolph, MN
Contact: 507-263-4200

Check with the auction to see when they have horse auctions.
Mailing address: Simon Horse Company 30477 Oxford Mill Road, Cannon Falls, MN
Physical Address: 29100 Harry Ave, Randolph, MN 55065


AR Horse Auctions Short List

Address: , , AR
Contact: You must contact each auction individually.

This is meant for reference only to give you more search options. Some of these auctions and info may or may not be current.
Look up individual horse auctions in our NetPosse Auction database for more icomplete nfo.

Benton 2nd Friday
Decatur Livestock Auction Decatur: 2nd & last Fridays
Centerton Livestock Auction Centerton: Every Saturday
Marchant Hills Horse Sale Elm Springs: 3rd Monday



PA Horse Auction Info - Short List

Address: , , PA
Contact: You must contact each auction individually.

This is meant for reference only to give you more search options. Look up individual horse auctions in this database for more info.  

Carlisle Livestock Market 548 Alexander Spring Road, Carlisle, PA 17013

Eighty Four Auction Sales, Inc., Rt 136, Eighty Four, PA 15330

Greencastle Livestock Market720 Buchanan Trail East, Greencastle, PA

Hickory Auction & Sales, Inc., Route 519, Hickory, PA

Jersey Shore Livestock Market Route 2, Jersey Shore, PA

Mercer Livestock Market R4 Route 19, Mercer, PA

Middleburg Livestock Auction Sales, Inc. 290 US Highway, 522 North, Middleburg, PA

New Holland Livestock Auction, 101 W Fulton St., New Holland, PA

New Wilmington Livestock Auction 2006 Mercer Nw, New Wilmington, PA

Nicholson Sales Nicholson, PA 18446

Pennsylvania Livestock Auction, Inc. Waynesburg, PA 15370

Valley Stockyards Route 199, Athens, PA 18810

Wyalusing Livestock Mrkt Route 6, Wyalusing, PA 18853


SC Department Of Agriculture Auction List and State Vet Info

Address: , , SC
Contact: Boyd H. Parr, DVM 803-726-7812

This auction is on the SC Veterinary Division Regularly Scheduled Horse Sale list. We know that some auctions on this list are not currently in operation. Some are not selling horses.  Please and check if it is currently in operation. NC Vet List -  (This weblink can cha;nge)

State Veterinarian and Director's Office Directory-


NC Veterinary Division Regularly Scheduled Horse Sales List

Address: 1030 Mail Service Center, Raleigh, NC
Contact: NCDA&CS Veterinary Division, Dr. R. Douglas Meckes (919) 707-3250

This auction is on the NC Veterinary Division Regularly Scheduled Horse Sale list. We know that some auctions on this list are not currently in operation. Some are not selling horses.  
Please and check if it is currently in operation. NC Vet List -


Mike's Livestock Auction

Address: 10415 Old Limonite Way, Mira Loma, CA
Contact: 951-685-1215


Lancaster Horse Auction

Address: 46526 Division Street, Lancaster, CA
Contact: Millie Frazier 661-429-1334


Rebels Equine Feedlot Sales - Washington State

Address: , Zillah, WA
Contact: Helen Love or Samantha Milfredt 509-952-3866


Fallon Feedlot Horses

Address: , Fallon, NV


Thompson's Horse Lot & Co.

Address: , Pitkin, LA
Contact: Tara Tara - 318-491-2915 or Robyn 703-899-5199

PA Kill Pen Network

Address: , Shippensburg, PA


Kill Pen of Southeast Oklahoma

Address: Highland Avenue, Wister, OK
Contact: 918-555-5555


Oklahoma Kill Pen Horses

Address: , , OK