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 "My first call on my own was a Horse Theft.....I was like, Horse Theft?  We didn't cover no Horse Theft in the Academy."--Quote from law enforcement website

If you are in Law Enforcement we need your help.  You may need ours.  

Stolen Horse International and the NetPosse need law enforcement to be proactive with the search for stolen horses.  Since we work with victims and thieves, and have been since 1997, we can provide valuable tips and resources.  

This organization list many stolen horses, trailers and tack and is now beginning to list other things stolen on the farm.  Our NetPosse volunteers number into the thousands and help disseminate information, keep watchful eyes at auctions, shows etc and post flyers through our NetPosse Alert network. 

Many of the horses on this site have been recovered because of this network and flyers, the tenacity of the victim in cooperation with law enforcement officers involved in the cases.

We are always open to new ways to reach more officers and suggestions. If you would like to get our NetPosse Alerts please join the Law Enforcement NetPosse. This is a new mailing list so I hope you will tell your fellow officers as well.

Join NetPosse Alerts

There are many ways you can participate. A few are:

  • Join the Law Enforcement NetPosse
  • Educate your officers through continuing education program provided by SHI
  • Share information with your co-workers 
  • Encourage owners to report stolen/missing horses in your area to 
  • Make suggestions
  • Aide in theft education in your agency
  • Keep an watchful eye out for stolen horses reported in your area
  • Carry flyer with you in patrol car
  • Access on your cell phone
Stolen Horse International, Inc., created a Law Enforcement Advisory Board (LEAB) in 2000. The purpose of the Board is to advise our key staff on issues involving the cooperation and coordination of all people and agencies that exercise law enforcement responsibilities. Each year the board identifies issues that are of importance to the Stolen Horse International community and offers recommendations to if needed to the volunteer staff members. The board uses a collaborative approach in its work and relays to us interesting cases, people or other organizations and/or subject matter from the law enforcement experts.