What is NIP, the Equine ID REgistry

Can you ID these horses? How can you prove the horse belongs to you?

NetPosse Identification Program (NIP) Registry - Equine ID Record Keeping Registry

Stolen Horse International, Inc./NetPosse.com is the first and only nonprofit organization dedicated to protection of all equines by providing the owners with detailed history and ID protection.

We are happy to offer the NetPosse Identification Program (NIP) Registry, a worldwide database for horse owners around the globe.

Equine ID, together with NIP- gives your horse a chance to be found. It gives owners peace of mind that they have offered protection to help their horse come home.

What is the NetPosse Identification Program (NIP) - Equine ID Registry

NIP is the conerstone of Stolen Horse International's horse ID registry and most advanced equine identification record keeping database in the world. It is designed to protect your horse and your equipment with confidence. In other words, this is not just an equine microchip database for your horse!

Horse owners are owners are encouraged to register their horses so that their equine information is on record in the event that their horse is ever missing or stolen.

NIP is an all breed, all discipline registry with the sole aim of identifying and recovering horses and equipment should they become lost or stolen.

Equines need to be positively identified for many reasons with a variety of different equine identifications to achieve maxium protection. 

NIP is an all breed, all discipline registry
with the sole aim of identifying
horses and equipment
should they become lost or stolen.

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Not only can you register all of your equine ID but
you can upload three PDF documents,
keep your vet, farrier and passport information!

Now with the help of the number one organization behind horse theft, missing horses and ID awareness, Stolen Horse International, aka NetPosse, all horses  and and equine identifications can be registered, aiding in establishing ownership in cases of theft, mistaken identity, herd identification and civil matters.

What are the advantages of entering your horse in the NIP registry

  • All horses, ponies, donkeys and mules regardless of breed, whether registered or not, can be entered into NIP. This also serves as an all breed registry for any equine.

  • If your registration papers are lost you can easily retrieve the registry information.

  • You can look up your information from any smartphone at any time.

  • Helps prove microchip ID for FEI / USEF mandatory compliance rule.

  • No time is lost looking for pictures and information since it is all listed in your NIP.
  • If your horse is missing the NIP information is transferred to NetPosse.com's missing horse listings and NetPosse Alerts are sent to thousands including but not limited to, social media of all kinds, geographic area, NetPosse mailing list and nework contacts. 

  • Certification is immediated and located in your account.
  • The public can easily look up information on your horse once it is listed in the NetPosse.com reports.

All horses are accepted into the registry. Register your horse in NIP, the NetPosse Identification Program for a one time fee of $20.

Record Keeping Information - No micorchip registry has this feature!

  • Equine Passport info: Passport number, Life number, Date & more
  • Vet Records; Worming, Dental, Vaccinations
  • Farrier Records

 The NIP database includes, but is not limited to the following features:

  • Breed information

  • Type of horse

  • Identifying markings

  • ID registrations -- freeze brands, freeze marks, lip tattoos, microchip numbers, etc.

  • Breed registration numbers

  • Pictures

  • Includes FREE Report listing on NetPosse.com if your horse goes missing in any of the ways we have listed in our FILE REPORT section. (Note: We do reserve the right to reject listings that do not qualify)

  • PDF documents (bill of sale, coggins, health certificate, breed registration, emergency contact info and more)

  • Much more

NIP Instruction Card Included in Kits Purchased Offline
It is easy to purchase your NIP Register and then
immediately register your horse!
Look for the NIP Code in your account on your
invoice. You will find it in the My Orders 
section of your My Accont. 

How do I enter my information in the NIP registry?

If you have obtained a NIP Registration through an offline purchase or donation, you will have a card in your bag that gives your activation code and instructions. (See card pictured right)

If you purchase your NIP Registry online then you will receive a NIP ACTIVATION CODE on your invoice. Type the code on the last screen of the registration process so that you do not pay twice for your registration. Follow the steps below to register.

  1. Register for an account on NetPosse.com and login

  2. Click on MY ACCOUNT at the top of the screen

  3. Click on MY NIP in your account (right hand side of your account screen)

  4. Click on Add Equine

  5. Enter your information

  6. Upload pictures

  7. Update your information as often as needed. 

Stolen Horse International, Inc a.k.a NetPosse specializes in horse recovery, horse identification and theft education in the United States. As the leader in the horse industry since 1998, NetPosse.com, a pioneer that has brought theft awareness into public light invites you to protect yourself and your horse further.

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